King James – Rwanda

Day 21 of March is for African Music Month

Song: Kuko Turi Kumwe

Artist: King James

Country: Rwanda

When people think of Rwanda, they typically think of the genocide that occurred there in 1994. However, over the past decade and a half the Rwandan people have worked very hard to rebuild their country. Today, Rwanda is doing extremely well as a country and this has led to a vibrant music industry in Kigali, the capital city. Hip-hop and Gospel have become extremely popular in Rwanda, and love songs seem to be Rwandans favorite types of songs to sing and listen to.

King James is one of Rwanda’s biggest artists. He primarily sings love songs in Kinyarwanda, the official language of the country. This song “Kuko Turi Kumwe” is about the love King James has for his woman. He describes how he will do anything for her and his love for her in unending.

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